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Luminescence: The Silver of Peru PDF Print E-mail

15 January to 9 March 2013

An exhibition curated by the UBC Museum of Anthropology

Luminescence: the Silver of Peru traces the long history of silverwork and the fascination with the metal’s divine and luminescent qualities. It will display pre-Columbian works to those made by contemporary artists, including national treasures seldom seen outside of Peru. The exhibition is curated by MOA Director Dr. Anthony Shelton.



Above: Nose ornament, silver, Chimu, AD 1100-1450, Museo Larco, Lima Peru
Above right: Pomander, silver, Huanuco, XIX Century, Barbosa-Stern Collection, Peru

“One can only imagine the incredible impact that silver must have had in pre-Columbian Peru. Garbed in the precious metal, radiating and reflecting the harsh desert light, the Incas and their predecessors would have appeared as deities,” says Dr. Shelton. “Even as the region underwent sweeping changes in subsequent centuries, the cultural importance of silver remained alive. In Luminescence, we explore what the incredible, reflective properties of silver have meant to Peru over time.”

Follow the link to get an exhibition preview with Dr. Anthony Shelton as he tours through MOA's installation of Luminescence. 

James Blake Wiener of the Ancient History Encyclopedia interviews Dr. Shelton about silver's enduring presence in Peruvian culture and the challenges and rewards of creating Luminescence.

Opening events: Tuesday 15 January 2013

4.30 pm: 1,000 Years in the Development of Techniques in Peruvian Silversmithing
Delivered by José Torres Della Pina, a Director of the Patronato Plata del Perú
University College, Room 140, 15 King's College Circle, Toronto

Mr. Torres Della Pina, a third-generation Peruvian silversmith and researcher, discusses the evolution of metallurgical techniques throughout Peruvian history, from the times before the Incas until modern day Perú.

6-8 pm: Opening reception
to celebrate the exhibition's arrival in Toronto.

Public Lecture:  Wednesday  27 February, 2013  4:30 pm

The 16th Annual Hutchinson Lecture Co-Presentedby the Patronato Plata del Perú
Expressions of Power: Material Symbols in the Americas
Presented in conjunction with the exhibition, 
Luminescence: The Silver of Peru
Delivered by Dr. Anthony Shelton, Exhibition Curator and Director of the
UBC Museum of Anthropology
University College, Room 140, 15 King's College Circle, Toronto
6-7pm: Reception


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